Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Miracle of Healing

My trip back to my native country, Bulgaria, two months ago was a miracle. My son was still in college and saving for a ticket was impossible. A credit card company paid for half of the money for my round trip and I kept wondering what God had in mind for my visit there.
It turned out my aunt was in pain and had scheduled a doctor's appointment but none of my cousins was around to take her to the hospital. So I showed up to do the job.
"I want to pray for you, Auntie," I said after telling her the stories of my miraculous healings in the past.
She turned her life over to the care of Jesus and accepted the healing the Lord had provided on the cross.
The hospital tests showed she was in excellent health for her age. The pain disappeared.
Two month later, my father told me that his baby-sister was healed the moment we prayed. He said it was a miracle because for the past 82 years of my aunt's life she suffered from numerous diseases and there was not a single day that she was pain-free.
I praise God for his goodness!