Saturday, January 23, 2016

Car Keys

Sometimes, I feel like my prayers are not working.

“You have been praying for your husband for twenty-five years and nothing has changed,” the enemy scoffs. “Alex does not care about your Jesus.”

That day my husband came home late with a few bags filled with groceries.

“What happened?” I asked thinking of the words of the enemy.

“An amazing thing happened,” Alex told me. “I got out of the car to do some shopping and left my keys and my cell-phone inside while locking the car.”

“What did you do? Did you call the police?”

“I tried the rest of my keys in an attempt to unlock the car. No success. A man came to my rescue. I tried all of his keys—no result. In my despair, I asked God for help. I tried the tiniest key on my chain that was from a desk or drawer. It opened the car! I sat behind the wheel looking at my car key and comparing it to the tiny key that was magically blessed by God to unlock the car. The car key was long and slim, the tiny key was as big as the tip of my pinky. Go figure!”


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