Sunday, August 11, 2013

I've Been "Burned" Before

Everyone knows what it feels like to be "burned." Your marriage goes up in flames; your investments, business is gone up in smoke after a bad decision; your close friends betray you; your plans turn to ashes.
Some of us think it is therapeutic to talk about our problems. My Pastor, Gregory Dickow, says, "Talk to the problem, not about it. Give God the ashes, the hurt. He can turn them into something beautiful as he has promised in Isaiah 61:3. Talking about your burned dreams with people makes you spread the ashes even more. An exchange has to take place--take your ashes and give them to God. God will restore the broken, the damaged, the burned. Get the skeletons out of your closets and give them to God. He can bring the dead bones to life. Give your broken pieces to Jesus and remember that he is the Potter and you are the clay in his hands."
And remember: The more ashes you give God, the more beautiful your restored life can become!"
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