Monday, October 14, 2013

The Tooth

I woke up at 2:00 one morning from excruciating pain. My head throbbed in unison with the tooth ache.
        The tooth that was bothering me was a part of a huge bridge covering my whole upper jaw. I had paid thousands of dollars for it only a few years ago. It took a year of extra work to pay the loan off.
        "God, I need help," I feebly started my nightly prayer. It was up to God to rescue me. I had already asked a few dentists and one surgeon. All of them made it clear that the whole bridge needed to be removed and destroyed. Some implants needed to be made....
        "Lord, please lead me to the right dentist that will help me."
        I went to a place called Naper Dental. I told them about my trouble. Doctor Jason Crescenzo examined me and offered to extract the tooth without removing the bridge.
        "Can it be done?" I asked.
        It turned out that Dr. Crescenzo had experience with exactly that type of surgery. But that was not the whole miracle. That dentist had an amazing caring heart. He worked hard for almost eighty minutes to preserve most of the bone so that there would not be a gaping hole on my gums.
        It has been only a couple a days now, yet I already feel healed and happy that God led me to the right person in my time of need. Because my heavenly Father is faithful.

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