Monday, January 11, 2016

The Sick Dog Miracle

“The dog is sick,” said my husband when we returned from our four-day vacation. Oso has refused to eat and kept throwing up. My “old man” Oso looked at me with sad eyes and tucked his tail between his legs.

Things got worse the following day. His stomach started growling and loudly rumbling. The sounds were clearly audible.

“Rumbling stomach can also be caused by dangerous digestive diseases,” Fear whispered in my ear. “The dog is going to die. You are a bad mother. Instead of going on vacation, you could have stayed home and taken care of the dog.”

“That was my first Florida vacation. I was away for four days,” I whispered back defensively.

The loud rumbling and Oso’s sad eyes made me drop to the floor, lay hands on my dog and start praying.

“I speak healing over this sick creature, heavenly Father. I command that mountain of sickness to be uprooted and be cast into the sea in the name of Jesus!”

        A few minutes later the stomach growling stopped.

        It’s been six days now and the sickness never returned. My dog is one happy “old man” Oso.



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