Friday, July 6, 2012

Judas, the traitor

Max Lukado's words describing Judas, the traitor, spoke to me, "But for all the things we don’t know about Judas, there is one thing we know for sure: He had no relationship with the Master. He had seen Jesus, but he did not know him. He had heard Jesus, but he did not understand him. He had a religion but no relationship."
       Aren't we, who call ourselves Christians, in a way like Judas? Do we know verses from the bible and are ready to throw them in every conversation to prove our point, or.... Do we love our Savior? Are we willing to go to any length to show compassion, even to our enemies? Do we honestly pray every morning, "Lord, here I am, send me to reach the unreachable. Help me to love the unlovable. Lead me to heal the hurting and to set the captives free."
       And then, instead of shopping all day, do you go and do it? Instead of playing computer games, do you go to an AA meeting, Al-Anon meeting, NA meeting, or anywhere else where you can meet hurting people?
       Do you know the heart of Jesus?

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