Sunday, March 18, 2012

I will go back to my Father....

Often, when I mention the word "God," I can see how the expression on people's faces change. Their jaws tighten, they purse their lips as if they want to kill me with theireye sight.  I don't mind.
        I know something that they don't  even suspect. One day they will be struggling with a decision. They may have drifted from the faith given to them by their parents. They may want to come back. They may want to come home. But the price will be high. Their friends may laugh. Their habits will have to change. Their reputation will have to be overcome. They will have to get out of their comfort zone. Can they do it? Will they have the courage?
        That's when they will think of me. As they fidget and look for the guts to do what they know is right, they will think of me. They will remember of how my love for God has been greater than my love for my reputation. They will think of how my obedience has been greater than my common sense. They will recognize how I cared more about their well-being than making a good impression.
        Then, they will say, "Probably, the Woman of God was right! God does love me! Jesus did die for me! I need to go back to my Father."

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