Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love Your Husband!

God performed yet another miracle in my life. He filled my heart with supernatural love and kindness toward my husband!!!
I have to admit that my heart is not naturally overflowing with love and kindness toward my fellow human beings and especially toward my husband. I often criticize him and pray for him to change (although I know very well that the only person I can change with my prayers is me).
That "unkind" and "ungrateful" brat (that's how I often call my husband) worked on the repair of my car for three days in our freezing garage. He never complained or asked for attention, never mentioned the fact that he was doing me a favor. And he fixed the car.
That's how I came up with a New Year's resolution: It's Only Love and Love is All. I will not allow any accusations in my mind against my husband. I will think lovingly about him and thank God for him.
What is your New Year's resolution?

Photo credit: josh james, Love Note, 2011,

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